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Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living Policies and Procedure Manual

SECTION XVI Lake Cumberland Aging Advisory Council Page 1


Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living shall establish an advisory council as follows:

1) Functions of Council. The area advisory council shall carry out advisory functions, which further the Area Agency's mission of developing and coordinating community-based systems of services for all older persons in the planning and service area. The council shall advise the Agency relative to:

a) Developing and administering the Area Plan;

b) Conducting public hearings;

c) Representing the interest of older persons; and

d) Reviewing and commenting on all community policies, programs and actions, which affect older persons with the intent of assuring maximum coordination and responsiveness to older persons.

2) Composition of Council. The council shall include individuals and representatives of community organizations who will help to enhance the leadership role of the Area Agency in developing community-based systems of services. The advisory council shall be made up of:

a) More than 50 percent older persons, including minority individuals who are participants or who are eligible to participate in programs under the Older Americans Act;

b) Representatives of older persons;

c) Representatives of health care provider organizations, including providers of veterans’ health care if providers of veterans' health care are located in the geographical Area Development District;

d) Representatives of supportive services providers’ organizations;

e) Persons with leadership experience in the private and voluntary sectors;

f) Local elected officials; and

g) The general public.

3) Review by Advisory Council. The Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living shall submit the Area Plan and amendments for review and comment to the advisory council before transmittal to the Department for Aging and Independent Living for approval.

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