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Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living Policies and Procedure Manual

Section VIII Voter Registration Page 1




Lake Cumberland AAAIL shall serve as a voter registration agency.

Legal Authority

The Department for Aging and Independent Living is designated under KRS 116.048(1)(d) to be a voter registration agency with state funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities.

42 U.S. C. 1973gg-5 and KRS 116.048 requires a voter registration agency to distribute voter registration forms, assist individuals in the completion of forms, and ensure the completed voter registration forms reach the appropriate county clerk for processing if left with the AAAIL.

Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1973gg-10(2)(B), staff is subject to fines, imprisonment up to five

(5) years, or both, if convicted of:

(1) Seeking to influence political preference or party registration;

(2) Displaying any political preference or party registration;

(3) Making statements or acting in a way that implies that a decision to register or not to register to vote will have any bearing on the availability of program services or benefits.


At application for service, recertification, renewal, or when an address change is reported, the applicant/recipient meeting the following criteria is provided the opportunity to complete an application to register to vote, decline to vote, or update his/her voter registration:

(1) Be age eighteen (18) years of age or older and United States citizen;

(2) Be age seventeen (17) who will become eighteen (18) years of age on or before the day of the regular election to vote in the primary, pursuant to KRS 116.055;

(3) Note be registered to vote; or

(4) Not be registered at his/her current address.

Give each client the DAIL- VR-01 Voter Registration Rights and Declination form. The form will provide an explanation of the rights of an individual to

Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living Policies and Procedure Manual

Section VIII Voter Registration Page 2

register, or decline to vote, and serves as a record of declination. The form is read by or to the applicant/recipient and he/she signs and dates the form.

If the client marks YES they want to register, give them a SB-01 Voter Registration form to complete.

If the client marks NO or ALREADY REGISTERED on the DAIL-VR-01 Voter Registration Rights and Declination form, collect the completed form and retain in the agency office for the duration of the required retentions schedule, usually two (2) years.

If the client wants to complete the registration at home, give them the SB-01 Commonwealth of Kentucky Mail-in Voter registration form.

If the client chooses to take the voter registration form home instead of completing and leaving in the agency office, the client must mark NO on the declination form. Although they may indeed complete the form and send it to the county clerk, they did not register through the agency office.

Staff shall provide the same level of assistance to individuals wanting to register to vote as is provided for other applications. This includes providing assistance in completing the application to register to vote, unless the applicant/recipient refuses help.

Completion of the SBE-01 is only an application to register to vote. The county clerk approves or denies the application and sends a notice to the applicant/recipient.

The applicant/recipient shall complete all of the SBE-01, except:

(1) A social security number is not required to be collected but suggested to collect;

(2) The last 4 digits of the social security number are not to be used;

(3) Work and home phone numbers are optional;

(4) Male/Female is optional; and

(5) If a sign is used for signature, complete the "witnessed by" section

Pursuant to KRS 116.048(6)(a), a completed application accepted at a voter registration agency shall be transmitted (by mail or walk-in) by the voter registration agency to the county clerk in the county of the applicant/recipient’s voting residence not later than ten

(10) days after date of acceptance, or not later than five (5) days after date of acceptance, if accepted within five (5) days before the last day for registration to vote in an election. Transmitting voter registration forms to county clerks weekly is suggested.

Since some clients may not reside in the same county as the agency, use the county clerk address list provided at when confirming the clerk’s address.

If an interview is conducted over the phone for an application, reapplication, recertification, or address change, thoroughly and specifically document comments. Manually mail form DAIL-VR-01 along with form SBE-01Commonwealth of Kentucky

Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living Policies and Procedure Manual

Section VIII Voter Registration Page 3

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